Centrifugal dryer with hot blast air

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Feature :
1. Centrifugal dryer with hot-blast air is based on typical centrifugal dryer. With large hot air flow, hot steam in centrifugal dryer can be blew away, thus achieve better drying performance with high efficency.
2. before finishing drying process, swift hot-blast air to cold-blast air. After parts and media completely cool down then one may take them out.

Technical Data:

Model LH400B LH500B
Dimension of basket 380×280 mm 480×280 mm
Volume of basket 0.0.35 m 0.075 m
Working capacity 35 kg or 1/3 height of basket 75 kg of 1/3 height of basket
Working temperature 50 C-80 C 50 C-80 C
Speed of rotation 552 r/min 300 r/min
Speed of moton 1430 r/min 1430 r/min
Motor 0.75 kw 1.5 kw
Motor 4.8 kw 9 kw
Dimension of machine 780x600x750 mm 100x800x860 mm
Weight of machine 161 kg 242 kg